Online UK/NZ Reading Wednesday 24 Feb 2021

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Video editor Sarah D.

Authors Mia Farlane and Anne Goodwin in conversation

Wednesday 24 February at 7pm-7.40pm (GMT)

It is our pleasure to invite you to join two authors discussing and reading from their debut novels:
Anne Goodwin, author of Sugar and Snails (Inspired Quill, Polari Prize short-listed), and Mia Farlane author of Footnotes to Sex (Viking/Penguin Books UK).




Anne Goodwin’s debut novel, Sugar and Snails, about a woman who has kept her past identity a secret for thirty years, was shortlisted for the 2016 Polari First Book Prize.

Sugar and Snails:

At fifteen, she made a life-changing decision. Thirty years on, it’s time to make another.

When Diana escaped her misfit childhood, she thought she’d chosen the easier path. But the past lingers on, etched beneath her skin, and life won’t be worth living if her secret gets out.

Throughout February, subscribers to her author newsletter can read Sugar and Snails for free:


Mia Farlane’s debut novel, Footnotes to Sex (Viking/Penguin Books UK), a tragi-comedy about not knowing what to do with your life, fandom & a flailing relationship, is described by Sarah Waters as ‘wonderfully impressive, subtle, smart and very funny’ and by Bidisha as ‘Seinfeld meets Dorothy Parker’.

Footnotes to Sex is set in two of Farlane’s favourite cities, London and Paris.  It is about a couple, May and Jansen, in a long-term relationship, and May’s attempts to start a PhD on Francine Brion, a French intellectual she admires.  Footnotes to Sex was praised in The Observer for its ‘keen emotional intelligence.’

Footnotes to Sex (Penguin Books UK) is available on Kindle and in paperback.

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