Let’s give translators credit

This month – the day after 30 September #WorldTranslationDay – instead of a review, an overview of my blog to-date, with a focus on the translators. 

Let’s give translators credit      

Did you see the 10 Sep 2021 article in the Guardian ‘Why translators should be named on book covers’ by Jennifer Croft?  (Jennifer Croft is the translator of Olga Tokarczuk.) 

In response to the article, I’ve made a list of the English translators in connection with the books I’ve reviewed at Farlane on French Writers:

Of the 35 books reviewed at Farlane on French Writers, four are now available in English, thanks to the following translators:  

1. Ruth Diver:
The Little Girl on the Ice Floe (MacLehose Press, 2019) Adélaïde Bon (Author) Ruth Diver (Translator)

2. Aneesa Abbas Higgins:
All Men Want to Know (Viking, 2020) Nina Bouraoui (Author) Aneesa Abbas Higgins (Translator)

3. Leslie Camhi:
The Book of Mother: A Novel (Virago, 7 October, 2021) by Violaine Huisman  (Author), Leslie Camhi (Translator)

4. George Miller:
Gratitude (Bloomsbury, 2021) Delphine de Vigan  (Author), George Miller (Translator)

None of these translators are on the front covers.

I’ve just signed the Society of Authors open letter #TranslatorsOnTheCover :

#TranslatorsOnTheCover – sign the open letter

We call on every writer to ask their publishers for cover credits for the people who translate their work.

Signatories to the open letter below, written by Jennifer Croft (translator of Olga Tokarczuk’s International Booker Prize-winning Flights) and Mark Haddon (author of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time), commit to asking that ‘whenever our work is translated… the name of the translator appears on the front cover’. Read more…

Society of Authors
Open letter written by Jennifer Croft

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